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Kaleigh Jean Scruggs is a 28 year old Atlanta native. She has been working in the technology field since graduating from Georgia Southern University with a BS. She also has a masters in Internet Technology from the University of Georgia. She enjoys kayaking on the Chattahoochee River, Biking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Hiking with her husband and dog.

Kaleigh has been performing standup in Atlanta since 2016, appearing in various places such as Laughing Skull Lounge, The Punchline, Highwire Comedy, 420 Comedy Hour, Java Monkey, and more.
She has also taken the intro & advanced Joel Byars Comedy Class and Online Writing Satire for the Internet with The Second City.

Kaleigh placed 2nd in The Punchline's Sunday Night Comedy Festival -Feb 2017

upcoming dates

June 13 - Fire & Brimstone
June 17 - Saturday Night Laughs
June 19 - Well-Crafted Comedy
June 20 - Fire & Brimstone
June 21 - Overchill
June 25 - The Sunday Afternoon (Comedy) Workout
July 5 - Laughing Skull

more to come, to book ask away

May 17 - Laughing Skull
May 9 - Fire & Brimstone
April 13 - Sweetwater Bar & Grill
March 26- Highwire Comedy
March 22- Improv R&D
March 15- Java Monkey
March 11- 420 Show
March 9- Sweetwater Bar & Grill
Feb 26- The Punchline: Sunday Night Comedy Fest Finals
Feb 21-Fire & Brimstone: Clash of the Comics
Feb 19-The Punchline: Sunday Night Comedy Fest
Feb 16-Sweetwater Bar & Grill
Jan 31-Fire & Brimstone
November 21- Laughing Skull
November 15- Fire & Brimstone
October 30-Highwire Comedy
October 26- Java Monkey
October 15- 420 Show

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